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News update
News update

Vic COVID-19 update: Disability guidance released

DFFH releases updated guidance for management of COVID-19 in disability settings.
News update
News update

Royal Commission presses Chair of Board on former CEO’s conduct

On the final hearing day, evidence continued from Afford’s recently-appointed CEO and the Chair of its Board.

Victorian worker screening update

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Victorian Safety screening policy recognises NDIS Check

From 1 January 2022, the Victorian Government updated the Safety screening policy, which forms part of the Service Agreement requirements document for organisations who provide disability services that are funded by the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH) or the Department of Health.

Workers are no longer be required to obtain a Disability Worker Exclusion Scheme (DWES) check. Recognising that many organisations are subject to the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Commission NDIS worker screening requirements, this change is designed to reduce duplicative safety screening requirements.

Under the new Safety screening policy, the Victorian Government will accept an NDIS Check as a sufficient safety screening for new workers in NDIS registered organisations who provide Victorian Government funded services. For those organisations that receive Victorian Government funding and are not registered NDIS providers, a police check is required for new staff.

All Victorian Government funded disability organisations are also required to check the Victorian Disability Worker Commission prohibition order list prior to employing new staff.

The NDIS Clearance does not replace Victoria's Working with Children Check, which is a requirement for all paid workers, volunteers and self-employed persons who perform child-related work in Victoria.

NDIS Check Transitional Arrangements Deadline Approaching

Workers are encouraged to urgently apply for an NDIS check as the 31 January transitional arrangement deadline is fast approaching.

Relevant workers must apply online through Services Victoria by the deadline to continue working in risk assessed roles. Workers experiencing difficulties with the online system are encouraged to read our list of tips for applying for an NDIS check. If issues persist, organisations can contact NDS via the contact details below to request a copy of the manual application form.

NDS continues to monitor the impact of the worker screening arrangements on recruitment of workers and volunteers, and welcomes feedback from members.

NDS can escalate urgent applications with the Victorian NDIS Screening Unit. Please send applicant names to the contact details below for escalation.

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Clare Hambly, Policy and Projects Officer, Quality and Safeguarding, submit enquiry/feedback, show phone number