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News update

COVID outbreak: resources to assist providers

NDS’s COVID-19 hub is a one stop shop with links to authoritative advice and resources to assist providers.
News update
News update

SA COVID-19 Update: Level 5 lockdown restrictions

The South Australian Government announced a Level 5 stay at home order for seven days from 6:00pm 20 July following the latest outbreak of COVID-19.

Victorian NDIS Checks transitional arrangements deadline

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What you need to know

  • The transitional arrangements for NDIS Checks in Victoria are set to end on 31st July 2021. NDS is seeking an extension.
  • From 1 August many existing disability workers will be unable to continue working in risk assessed roles unless they have applied for a Check.
  • Significant delays to worker screening keep occurring and NDS continues to advocate for improvements to the system.
  • NDS has developed a list of tips and tricks to help guide workers and volunteers through the process.

With the end of the transitional arrangements looming on 31 July, it's timely for members to reflect on obligations under the new national NDIS Worker Screening requirements introduced on 1 February 2021. NDS is seeking an extension of the transitional arrangements due to the delays that have been occurring with the system. Despite improvements, the process is causing significant recruitment bottlenecks.

In Victoria, all new workers must have an NDIS Check prior to commencing in a risk-assessed role.

All workers currently employed who have a Working with Children Check (WWCC) can wait until it expires before they must obtain an NDIS Check.

Workers without a WWCC, who have been employed in the same organisation since 1 February, and who have previously met Victorian Government transitional arrangements can continue to work after 31 July 2021 only if they have applied for an NDIS Check.

The sector faces a significant risk at present with some existing workers unlikely to submit a successful NDIS Check application by the end of July, thus jeopardising their ability to continue providing supports to people with disability. NDS has been working closely with members and the Victorian Government to identify issues and advocate for improvements to the NDIS Check processes. Please let us know the specific details of system problems to inform this advocacy.

Assistance is available for anyone experiencing difficulties when applying for NDIS checks. NDS can escalate urgent applications with the Department of Justice. Please send any questions or names for application prioritisation to Clare Hambly.

Tips for applying for an NDIS Check

A list of tips and tricks which may assist people having difficulties applying for an NDIS worker screening check.


Everyone should attempt to complete an online application in the first instance. The majority of applications to Services Victoria are successful, and likely to result in the speediest Checks.

  • Set aside 30 minutes where you are unlikely to be interrupted and have access to both a computer and a mobile phone.
  • Watch the How to do a Service Victoria online ID Check video carefully before beginning your application
  • Have your email inbox at hand - you will be required to access your email during the screening process.
  • The Check will require you to use your smartphone to take photos of some of your documents. These can be photographed laying down on a plain coloured surface. Any reflection will result in the image not being accepted.
  • The Service Victoria webpage must remain open on your computer during the ID verification process.
  • NDS understands that the online system does not cope with handwritten forms of identification. If you do not have any other acceptable forms of ID, it is recommended that individuals complete a manual application (contact if you need a copy). Due to processing delays in the Births, Deaths and Marriages department, we don't recommend waiting for an updated copy of identity documents. It is still recommended, however, that you begin an online application in the first instance to ensure there is a record that you have attempted to apply online.

Passport photo stage

A passport-style photograph is required – if you have a digital passport photo on your phone that can be used, otherwise you can take a photo on your phone.

  • If you are having issues in this stage of the process, we recommend you take some photos on your phone before filling out the application and then choose to upload a photo rather than taking one within the program.
  • Photos are more successful if taken outside against a white solid background. Some applicants have found that putting a sheet over the washing line works well.
  • Ensure your fingers do not cover any part of the documents being uploaded.
  • Use documents that list your name in exactly the same way
  • Some individuals have also experienced technical glitches when selecting to save the information at the end of the process. If you are experiencing this glitch, it is recommended that you do not select to save a copy of the information you provided at the end of the application process

Technical glitches

NDS Members have reported experiencing a technical glitch at the end of the process. The technical failure occurs when users select 'save the information' when given the option to take another photo and save the information. It is recommended that you do not select ‘take another photo’ or ‘save the information’ if you are experiencing technical issues.

There have been reported issues when using some smartphones. It is recommended:

  • For Apple devices - use the latest operating system (14.0 and 13.0) and the Safari browser
  • For Android devices - use version 11 or 10 operating system with the Chrome browser


NDS has received advice that all volunteers should now submit their manual application form at the same time as their fee waiver application, rather than waiting to hear back about the outcome of their fee waiver application before applying. This should reduce delays in the process.

Individuals who have already submitted a fee waiver form, but are awaiting an outcome before supplying their manual application, will be able to continue in their role after 31 July - provided they have been engaged in the same organisation since 1 February and have previously met Victorian government transitional arrangements.

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Clare Hambly, Policy and Project Officer, Quality and Safeguarding, , 0448 076 987