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News update
News update

Consultation open on draft NSW Restrictive Practices Bill

Public consultation is now open on the newly released draft Restrictive Practices Bill which outlines how restrictive practices will be regulated in NSW.
News update
News update

WA State Election: Technology Assisted Voting

Ahead of the March 2021 State General Election, there will be two forms of Technology Assisted Voting accessible to Western Australians when casting their vote.

Vic COVID-19 Update: monitoring outbreaks and recent changes

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Victorian outbreaks and public exposure sites

It is recommended that Victorian disability service providers monitor daily COVID-19 updates regarding public exposure sites to identify risk locations clients and staff may have visited.

Anyone who has visited a public exposure site during the indicated timeframe should get tested immediately and follow testing staff advice regarding quarantine requirements from the date of exposure. Low-risk exposure sites are also identified, anyone visiting those sites is only required to get tested if experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms.

Face mask changes effective 31 December 2020

From 31 December 2020, everyone must wear face masks within a public indoor space (including all work settings) unless they have a lawful exemption. Providers should ensure all staff are aware of the changed requirements prior to returning to work.

Face masks must cover the nose and mouth and be carried at all times with other types, including face shields, not appropriate for protection against COVID-19 infection. Face masks are recommended for any outdoor activity where 1.5 metres cannot be maintained.

Workers engaged in direct contact with clients are still required to wear a surgical mask indoors and outdoors during direct contact activities as previously identified in PPE for disability services providers on the DHHS website.

Screening, interstate red zones and record-keeping

Providers are requested to screen and maintain a record of all staff and visitors to their site. Screening processes should be monitored to include updated information regarding any outbreak red zones interstate as these continue to evolve.

These records should be kept for 28 days from the day of entry with the following details:

  • contact details of the person
  • date and time the person arrived and left
  • screening information (for example, temperature check)
  • staff or visitor responses to the declaration below that they
    • do not have COVID-19 symptoms
    • have not been in contact with a confirmed case (except with appropriate PPE at work)
    • have not been required to isolate or quarantine in accordance with DHHS COVID-19 restrictions: Diagnosed Persons and Close Contacts Directions (No.15) [PDF| Word]. 

A parent or guardian of a visitor under the age of 18 years can make the declaration on their behalf.

Restrictions on household visitors

The number of people gathering in a residential home is now a maximum of 15 people. If social distancing cannot be maintained, it is strongly recommended that face masks are worn indoors and outdoors.

New DHHS COVID enquiry email

All enquiries regarding COVID-19 can be sent to the new email for Human Services COVID Readiness and Response Centre: HSCRRC_planning&

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Heather McMinn, Safer and Stronger Project Disability Sector Consultant, 04 4839 5495,