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News update
News update

New WA Enterprise Training Program Attendance Subsidy

NDIS registered service providers in WA can now apply for an attendance subsidy for workers completing Enterprise Training Program (ETP) funded course units.
News update
News update

New Victorian guidance relating to face masks

New guidance for face masks has been issued by DFFH for disability residential facilities (community services covered by care directions).

Vic COVID-19 Update: Latest Government updates

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The Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH) has released updated guidance for disability service providers relevant to the current five day lockdown.

The COVID-19 Circuit Break Actions – Factsheet for disability residential services (doc) is currently available at the top of the DFFH Disability Services Sector COVID-19 webpage and in summary, advises:

Visitor restrictions

Visitor restrictions have changed - non-essential workers, contractors and volunteers are restricted from entry. However, visitors are permitted in certain circumstances and for certain periods of time. These are:

  • End of life: 2 visitors at any one time, but no daily limit or time limit
  • Parent/guardian of a resident who is under 18 years: 1 visitor at any time
  • Parent, guardian, partner, carer or support person: 1 visitor per day for 1 hour maximum.
  • Nominated person for someone with a mental illness: 1 visitor per day for 1 hour maximum
  • Essential behaviour assistance person: no time limit
  • Interpreters or informal language support: 1 visitor at any one time, no time limit
  • Handover care for discharge: 1 visitor per day for 1 hour.


All workers in residential care facilities must now wear eye protection (ideally a face shield) as well as a surgical mask at all times inside the facility. Those caring for residents in quarantine, or a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case must wear a P2/N95 respirator, full cover disposable fluid protective gown and disposable gloves with protective eyewear, with face shield as the preferred option.

NDS’s PPE Marketplace is available to members to access discounted PPE products. Non-members can source PPE from the DFFH PPE supplier directory.

Workforce and visitor screening

Screening processes for all staff, contractors, volunteers and visitors need to be updated to meet changed requirements. No one should be permitted to enter the premises if they:

  • are a primary or secondary contact of a COVID-19 case
  • have visited listed exposure sites
  • have been in a quarantine site or other port of entry in the last 14 days
  • have symptoms or are feeling unwell.

Disability Care facilities

DFFH has also updated two factsheets relevant to the lockdown period for organisations in the community services sector. The primary difference in these factsheets is the requirement applicable to the wider community to wear a surgical mask at all times.

COVID-19 New Circuit Breaker Actions Factsheet for community services (doc)

Factsheet for community services covered by care facilities directions – COVID-19 Circuit Breaker Actions (doc)

Significant changes to services

Please remember to notify the NDIS Commission of any significant changes to services or supports as a result of the new restrictions.


Anyone who is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or has visited an exposure site must isolate and get tested.

If providers have clients who require testing, DFFH requests you email the contact details to .

NDS will provide updates regarding the disability sector when they become available.  We encourage providers to regularly check the DFFH Coronavirus daily update and the circuit breaker actions which lists the restrictions throughout Victoria during the lockdown.

Travel restrictions are also updated regularly and should be monitored.

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For any enquiries, please contact Sarah Fordyce, State Manager VIC, 0447 441 505,