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News update

NDIA National Provider Forums

The NDIA has organised a series of Provider Forums around Australia.
News update
News update

National Disability Employment Strategy Consultation Paper released

DSS has released a consultation paper on the Federal Government's National Disability Employment Strategy which will complement the new National Disability Strategy.

Ticket to Work Valuation of Key Outcomes report released

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An independent report commissioned by NDS for its Ticket to Work initiative has been released. The report by Social Ventures Australia (SVA) puts a financial value on the post-school outcomes of students who engage in the world of work while at school.

The Valuation of Key Outcomes report compared students who did not receive support and work opportunities to those who, through Ticket to Work partners, participated in after-school work, Australian School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships, work experience, career development and Vocational Education and Training.  

Some key findings of the report:

  • Students supported through Ticket to Work partners were three times more likely to be in open employment after they finish high school.
  • There are significant economic benefits to government by taking a proactive approach like the Ticket to Work model.

“What this report shows is when students with disability are supported to find work, the employment and economic outcomes are remarkable,” said Gillian Turnbull, Director at SVA. 

Learn more about the report findings by listening to the Ticket to Work podcast

Providers who would like to know more about supporting school-aged participants to prepare and transition from school to work can access the new NDIS work and study supports operational guideline, or contact Ticket to Work for more information and to subscribe to their newsletter via the Ticket to Work website.

About Ticket to Work

Ticket to Work is an NDS initiative that seeks to address the causes of low workforce participation among people with disability by focusing on young people with disability who are still at school. It does this through a combination of school-based vocational and career development, as well as early contact with work environments.

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Michelle Wakeford, National Ticket to Work Manager, 0413 750 745,