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Delay to registration for Disability Worker Registration Scheme

Disability service providers should be aware that registration for the Disability Worker Regulation Scheme has been delayed until July 2021.
News update
News update

Enactment of Victorian Gender Equality Act 2020

The Gender Equality Act 2020 was enacted on 25 February 2020 with a commencement date of 31 March 2021.

Switching from DSP to JobSeeker payment: what you need to know

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Fast facts

In-depthNDS strongly encourages employees with disability and their parents and carers, to carefully consider the consequences of switching from the Disability Support Payment (DSP) to the JobSeeker Payment, following the temporary increase in the rate of the latter payment. Disability Enterprises and mainstream employers are also encouraged to liaise closely with their employees with disability about this matter. 

If an employee with disability switches to the JobSeeker Payment during the COVID-19 crisis, there are numerous consequences, some of which are potentially very adverse.Loss of DSP eligibility If an employee with disability switches to the JobSeeker Payment, they will lose their eligibility for DSP. This means they cannot be employed by a disability enterprise or a mainstream employer and receive a pro rata wage. If a disability enterprise or mainstream employer continued to employ a former DSP recipient on a pro rata wage, the employer would be in breach of the relevant modern Award and the Fair Work Act. The DSP remains a more suitable payment for people who have have a long-term disability or medical condition and who cannot work 15 hours or more per week. Loss of pensioner consession entitlements DSP recipients switching to JobSeeker Payment will lose some or all of their pensioner concession entitlements. More stringent eligibility rules for the DSP mean that former recipients may not be successful when making future claims. DSP claimants may also need to actively participate in an 18 month Program of Support before receiving DSP. More information for people with disability receiving the DSP who are considering switching to JobSeeker Payment is included in the following Fact Sheet [pdf].

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