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News update
News update

Future of the SCHADS and SES Awards' COVID-19 Flexibility Schedules remains uncertain

The Schedule X in the SCHADS and SES Awards has not yet been extended by the FWC and is currently due to expire 29 October 2020.
News update
News update

Queensland State Committee Chair and Deputy Chair elected

The Queensland State Committee have elected a new Chair and Deputy Chair.

Stepped up Victorian PPE requirements

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In recognising the high levels of infection amongst health care workers, DHHS has stepped up the requirements for those working in the community services sector, including the recent announcement that disability workers in residential services must make daily attestations to confirm they are well and symptom-free.

P2/N95 masks are now required for a client who has coronavirus risk factors (suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases, or close contact of a confirmed case) when providing direct contact care/support for prolonged periods, or where there are aerosol-generating procedures or behaviours. In their updated advice, DHHS step out new guidance, including:

  • putting on and removing PPE;
  • fit checking for a P2/N95 mask;
  • correct disposal and;
  • the types of PPE to use in confirmed and non-confirmed cases.

All staff and volunteers who are required to use a P2/N95 respirator/mask must be trained in how to use them, including how to do a fit check. How to do a fit check correctly is outlined on page 4 and 5 of the updated document dated 4 September. Additional details including the role of the supervisor and staff breaks have also been included in this update.

In coming weeks, further infection prevention and control training will be made available through NDS. Please let us know if there are any particular aspects of infection control that you would like included. Email your suggestions to with the title, Training.

NDS is also interested in hearing from service providers having difficulty obtaining P2/N95 respirator/masks.

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Sarah Fordyce, Acting State Manager Victoria, 03 8341 4303,