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Sarah's Soundbite: October

Across Victoria there is anticipation around reunions with family, friends and the activities we enjoy, with the COVID-19 vaccination rate rapidly closing in on 80 per cent and the state reopening.

Helpdesk Top 5: September

Read answers to top up your knowledge on COVID-19 vaccinations and other timely topics. Got a question on your mind? NDS members can ask the Helpdesk.

SBS: Peak body calls for mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for disability workers

Vials with labels that read: Coronavirus vaccine


NDS is calling for COVID-19 vaccines to be mandatory for the disability sector.

“Many of our members were expressing their concerns that they were hearing from their workforce that many in their workforce were not going to be willing to have the vaccine while it remained voluntary,” said David Moody.

A University of Melbourne's Centre of Research Excellence in Disability and Health survey of 368 disability support workers has found that 50 per cent had either decided not to get the vaccine, wanted to wait or had not yet made a decision.

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