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News update
News update

Future of the SCHADS and SES Awards' COVID-19 Flexibility Schedules remains uncertain

The Schedule X in the SCHADS and SES Awards has not yet been extended by the FWC and is currently due to expire 29 October 2020.
News update
News update

Queensland State Committee Chair and Deputy Chair elected

The Queensland State Committee have elected a new Chair and Deputy Chair.

Royal Commission gives notice about forthcoming requests for information

Royal Commission update


Many larger NDIS providers have just received a letter from the Chair of the Disability Royal Commission (DRC) advising them they may receive a request for information by way of a Notice to Produce or Notice to Give Information. These notices are likely to focus on documents or information going back as far as mid-2012.The letter provides a number of important definitions:

It lists the following classes of information as being of interest to the Royal Commission:

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