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News update
News update

NDS welcomes new accessible changing requirements

NDS welcomes the announcement that, starting in May, the Building Code of Australia will require accessible adult changing facilities in some public buildings.
News update
News update

Hear from the new NDS CEO

Increased funding, less red tape and more job opportunities are some of the issues David Moody, Acting NDS CEO, raises in a new video.

Reportable Conduct Scheme now applies to providers supporting children

Two children smiling


Consistent with its commitment to make Victoria safer for children, the Victorian Government has introduced a reportable conduct scheme in phases.

Under the scheme, organisations with a high level of responsibility for children are required to report allegations of reportable conduct, including professional misconduct, to the Commission for Children and Young People.

Since the commencement of Phase 1 on 1 July 2017, the scheme has covered a range of organisations that exercise care, supervision or authority over children including Child Protection services, residential disability services for children and out-of-home care.

Phase 2 of the reportable conduct scheme commenced on 1 January 2018. The scheme will now also apply to: 

  • Disability service providers that provide services for children, including those registered with the NDIS
  • Overnight camps 
  • Hospitals
  • Religious bodies
  • Residential facilities of boarding schools

From 1 January 2019, the scheme will also apply to early childhood services (such as kindergartens, after-hours care services and occasional care providers) and prescribed statutory bodies that have responsibility for children (such as certain public museums and galleries). 

It is important that organisations currently in-scope of the scheme are meeting its requirements.

Under the scheme, staff are expected to notify the head of their organisation of an allegation of reportable conduct or misconduct that may involve reportable conduct. The scheme also requires that allegations of suspected criminal conduct to be reported to Victoria Police as the first priority and maintains the primacy of an investigation by Victoria Police of any allegations of criminal misconduct.

Reportable conduct is defined in the Child Wellbeing and Safety Act 2005 to include offences and misconduct involving children, including:

  • A sexual offence; or
  • Sexual misconduct; or
  • Physical violence; or
  • Significant emotional or psychological harm; or
  • Significant neglect.

A number of narrated presentations are available on the Commission for Children and Young People website:

Further information about the scheme can be found at the Department of Health and Human Services website and Commission for Children and Young People website.

Members are invited to contact Liz Collier (details below) in the event you are encountering issues with the scheme that were not anticipated during its development.

Contact information
Liz Collier, Project Officer Zero Tolerance Framework, 03 8341 4317,