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News update
News update

New COVID-19 health advice for NSW providers

NSW Health is advising disability accommodation and in home support providers to prepare for a requirement that all staff wear masks when delivering services from next week.
News update
News update

Exclusive member offer: Referoo - online reference checks

NDS is excited to announce an exclusive membership offer: Let NDS partner Referoo streamline your recruitment process and reduce costs with online reference checks.

RC Hearing looks at access to education and suspension

Banner reads: Royal Commission Hearing Summary


Advocates, an academic and a parent gave evidence with many themes echoing those from the November 2019 hearing on inclusive education.

Witnesses said access to education could be restricted through gatekeeping in enrolment, exclusion from activities, suspension and expulsion, or a student’s regular attendance hours being limited by the school. The Commission heard that students with disability were more likely to be suspended than others – some for weeks at a time. Several witnesses said this ‘battle’ meant parents turned to home schooling.

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