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Moody's Message: Many sticks together for Year Three!

As what Moody calls the 'Big Kahuna' year for the NDIS in Victoria wraps up, discover what the team has planned to support providers through Year Three.

Providers encouraged to indicate their intention about CIMS system

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The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is encouraging providers to indicate their intention to use either their existing system or the department-built client incident register (CIR) once the client incident management system (CIMS) is implemented on 15 January 2018 - if they haven't done so already.

The CIMS IT on-boarding process commenced in September 2017. Organisations that have indicated their intention to use either the department-built CIR or their existing systems via the CIMS Application Program Interface (API) have been contacted by DHHS about the on-boarding process.

Service providers that have not indicated their intention are requested to urgently advise the department by completing this survey. This is a requirement to commence the CIMS IT on-boarding process.

In order to meet the timeline for CIMS implementation on 15 January 2018, service providers that intend to use their existing systems will need to ensure their vendors have completed required system development and integration testing steps with the department's CIMS IT. Organisations might consider using the department’s own client incident register while modifications to existing incident management systems are completed.

A number of NDS members have raised concerns about some of these requirements, and NDS has sought independent advice on the requirements. There will be further discussion of these issues at the next ICT and systems professional community of practice, scheduled for Thursday 7 December 2017. (RSVP to Henry Newton at .)

For a number of organisations that are registered and/or integrated Community Health Services, transition to the CIMS has been deferred until January 2019 to address the potential for overlapping administrative and incident reporting requirements, and to enable consideration of the most appropriate incident reporting framework for community health services in the future. This applies to the whole of the organisation; it is not specific to particular funded programs. The majority of these organisations will continue reporting through the Victorian Health Incident Management System (VHIMS).

Please direct further feedback and questions regarding the CIMS to Liz Collier at . To RSVP to the ICT community of practice, please contact Henry Newton at .

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Henry Newton, Project and Policy Officer, 03 8341 4323,