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News update
News update

Queensland State Committee Chair and Vice Chair 2019-20 elected

NDS welcomes the Queensland State Committee Chair and Vice Chair for 2019-20.
News update
News update

NDIS Commission website updates

The NDIS Commission has been updating content on its website since its expansion to the NT, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania and the ACT in July 2019.

Provider concerns about reporting obligations raised with NDIS Commission

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NDS has raised provider concerns about the regulatory impact associated with new reporting arrangements with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.

Since 1 July 2019, providers in every jurisdiction except WA have been required to comply with the reporting requirements of the Incident Management and Reportable Incidents Rules, among others. This reporting is undertaken through the NDIS Commission’s portal, which had its operations expanded to take on these new functions from 1 July.

Providers are reporting a range of concerns including:

  • A requirement to lodge an individual incident report for every individual unauthorised use of a restrictive practice, in situations where the inability to get authorisation is a function of the NDIA’s failure to review participant’s plans to allocate the necessary supports and funding to permit development of the required behaviour support plan;
  • The double handling of data with requests for the same piece of information in multiple forms: e.g. the unauthorised use of restrictive practices being reported via incident reports, monthly reporting and Section 28 form;
  • Difficulties with the NDIS Commission’s portal; and
  • Delays in obtaining timely advice or guidance on solutions to these problems when identified.

Providers in all jurisdictions except WA are advising NDS that the amount of time involved in reporting incidents is emerging as a major cost pressure within their business operations, for which no allowance is made in NDIS pricing.

NDS acknowledges that the absence of consistent national data about incidents affecting NDIS participants in service settings has held back more effective action on violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation in the sector. We welcome the more rigorous collection of information on critical incidents under the new reporting arrangements. We also acknowledge that the transition to the new system will generate some ‘teething issues’ and that these can be expected to reduce over time.

Given this common ground on the value of the new reporting arrangements, NDS is keen to work with the Commission on business process improvements that ensure the Commission gets the information it needs while securing for providers reporting arrangements that are streamlined and fit-for-purpose.

Contact information
John Carrigan, National Manager, Quality & Safeguarding, 02 9256 3111,