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News update

Disability Employment News

The latest in disability employment policy, including updates on supported employment modelling, a good practice guide on SWS, and new DES quality guidelines.
News update
News update

NDS policy roundup: February 2024

In recent sector policy issues, we look at our work since the NDIS Review Report, our recent submissions, and the latest legislation that affects providers.

Progress on DFFH collaboration agreements

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What you need to know

  • NDS has been advocating on behalf of providers and presented issues with the Collaboration Agreement to DFFH
  • DFFH is now reviewing and amending the Agreement
  • DFFH will offer the updated version to all SIL providers, including providers who have already signed the original version of the Collaboration Agreement

Providers recently alerted NDS to concerns about Collaboration Agreements, which we then presented to DFFH based on consultation with over 60 providers.

These concerns relate to clauses within the Agreements and DFFH has committed to working with individual providers to respond and update the agreement where practicable.

In doing so, the Department has also indicated that it will:

  • Prepare an updated version of the Collaboration Agreement, adopting agreed changes which are considered to have general applicability;
  • Offer the updated version to all SIL providers, including providers who have already signed the original version and not requested any changes - this is to ensure all providers benefit equally from any improvements; and
  • Contact any provider that has already signed a Collaboration Agreement to discuss how they would like to proceed until the new version is available.

NDS is aware that concerns with the Collaboration Agreements sit alongside broader concerns relating to the regulation of disability housing. These include potential blurring of SDA and SIL responsibilities, issues with the current tenancy lease options open to residents of disability accommodation, and implications for SIL providers of the related gazettal of some disability houses under the Disability Act. NDS is continuing to advocate on behalf of the sector regarding these issues.

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Clare Hambly, Policy and Projects Officer, Quality and Safeguarding, submit enquiry/feedback, 0448 076 987