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Preparing for supported employment wage assessment hearings

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NDS has lodged its latest submission with the Fair Work Commission (FWC) on the review of the Supported Employment Services (SES) Award 2010. The FWC recently announced that the two days of Award Review hearings originally scheduled for 5 and 6 November 2018 have been moved to 29 and 30 November 2018, following objections from AED Legal.NDS has engaged Australian Business Lawyers and Associates (ABLA) to represent the interests of NDS and its members during the hearings.

NDS’s submission proposes an approach to wage assessment that we believe is consistent with the FWC’s initial directions. Other submissions by employers propose different ways of designing a wage assessment method. The adoption of a unified approach would strengthen the position of employers in seeking a timely resolution to this long-running dispute. The National Committee on Supported Employment will meet on 5 November 2018 to review the various proposals and consider the best way forward. As expected, the advocate and union parties have expressed strong opposition to the concept of Job Sizing, citing discrimination due to double discounting of wages. They have strongly reiterated their view that the Supported Wage System should be the sole wage assessment mechanism used in supported employment settings. NDS continues to engage with the Department of Social Services on policy solutions aimed at ensuring the ongoing economic viability of Disability Enterprises and the expansion of jobs for people with significant disability.NDS encourages members to examine the wage assessment mechanism developed by ABLA in its submission of 19 October 2018. Members interested in providing feedback on the design of a wage assessment mechanism can contact Kerrie Langford on 02 6283 3202 or Paul Musso on 02 9256 3171.

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