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Media release
Media release

Morrison Government returns to office with NDIS as a priority

NDS congratulates Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Coalition following their win in the Federal Election over the weekend.
News update
News update

Coroner recommends providers review ‘swallowing’ policies and guidelines

Providers are encouraged to review their policies and guidelines for services to people with swallowing difficulties, following coronial findings in Queensland.

New bilateral agreements increase Commonwealth control over NDIS costs



Today’s Australian reports: “The Coalition has signed agreements for the full rollout of the NDIS with NSW and South Australia that include a clause stating that the jurisdictions will support changes to the scheme legislation, giving the Commonwealth the power to determine unilaterally how plans are funded.” The article reports fears that this clause will give the Commonwealth the power to cut participants’ plan budgets and at least two States (WA and Victoria) have expressed concerns about the clause.

Here is the background: As State and Territory governments finish the transition phase to the NDIS and enter Full Scheme, they are signing new bilateral agreements with the Commonwealth. The two States in which Full Scheme commenced in July 2018 (NSW and SA) have signed agreements already; others are negotiating.

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