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News update

National Code of Conduct for NT healthcare workers: Give feedback

The NT Government seeks feedback from providers on a public consultation regarding implementation of the National Code of Conduct for healthcare workers.

NDS releases Industry Plan for WA Disability Services Sector

WA Industry Plan banner


At today's NDS WA Conference, Minister for Disability Services the Hon Stephen Dawson MLC launched the WA Disability Services Sector Industry Plan.

The WA Industry Plan provides a snapshot of the key findings, an analysis of service capability, strategies for transition and a plan for implementation. The Industry Plan will form the centrepiece for the effective implementation of the NDIS in WA, highlighting priorities and outlining a range of measures that require strong investment by the State Government.

NDS commissioned ACIL Allen Consulting to research and establish a knowledge base on the contribution and potential of the WA disability sector under the NDIS. In developing the plan, there was extensive engagement within the disability sector and analysis of new and existing data and information.

As well as delivering new opportunities for people with disability, the WA Industry Plan identifies that the NDIS will provide a significant opportunity for WA, with the potential to trigger large-scale economic growth and job creation in the State with the total economic contribution of the disability sector in WA increasing from $1.4 billion to $2.7 billion in 2020.

It is estimated that the number of jobs generated by the NDIS in WA will double over the next three years, rising from 10,507 this year to 20,144 direct and indirect full-time jobs by 2020. These projected outcomes strongly align with the McGowan Government's commitment to jobs growth and to grow and diversify the state's economy.

The WA Industry Plan provides a clear, solid framework for a coordinated approach to NDIS transition and highlights the importance of a close working partnership between the State Government and the disability service sector to improve the lives of people with disability. It includes three key strategic themes, seven strategies and 24 priority actions. It includes a sector profile and analysis of the current strengths, weaknesses and opportunities within the sector.

NDS WA State Manager Julie Waylen said, “The success of the NDIS in WA relies on organisations having a high-quality, skilled workforce that can meet demand, strengthen safeguards and adapt and implement the changes required. We are keen to see a disability workforce that is contemporary and high performing, where we can attract and recruit the right people to the right jobs.”

"In WA, this will require significant investment and support from the State Government to ensure we can meet the expected increase in demand and deliver good outcomes that make a difference to the lives of people with disability," Julie said. This has been the case with other jurisdictions such as Victoria - $26M over three years - and NSW - $30M to assist with sector NDIS readiness and to build a sustainable supply of disability services into the future.

"Without a coordinated, strategic approach to change management, there is a risk that growth in demand will outpace supply and that service innovation will be impeded. Strong investment strategies and support will deliver a well-functioning NDIS to improve the lives of people with disability and their families, and create a sustainable disability support system," said Julie.

Strong investment strategies and support will deliver a well-functioning NDIS to improve the lives of people with disability and their families, and create a sustainable disability support system in WA.

NDS thanks member organisations who contributed to the development of the Industry Plan.

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