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News update
News update

Greater flexibility in use of funding for transport

The NDIS has announced changes allowing participants to use funds more flexibly for transport.
News update
News update

DRC hears from more parents and people with disability

Themes included devaluing of people with disability, sub-standard health care and lack of choice.

NDS Helpdesk Top 5: October 2019

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The NDS Helpdesk continues to answer questions from across the country. We have shared below five of the most frequently asked questions received over the past month.

Question 1:

Can an NDIS participant access support in residential aged care?

Answer 1:

Yes, an NDIS participant can access support in residential aged care. The NDIS Support Catalogue (version 1.3) includes the following line items that may apply:

  • 01_049_0115_1_1 - Cross billing payments for residential aged care subsidies and supplements
  • 01_050_0115_1_1 - Assistance with daily life tasks provided in residential aged care facility

Question 2: 

How much can we charge for the Establishment Fee?

Answer 2:

The NDIS Price Guide sets the policy guidance in relation to claiming the establishment fee. It outlines that a budget for the establishment fee is included in a participant's first NDIS plan and is intended to be claimed when the participant is establishing support arrangements with a provider when accessing 20 or more hours of core supports per month. These include personal care and/or community access and do not include centre based supports. 

When the participant is new to the NDIS and new to the provider a maximum budget of $500 can be claimed, and when the participant is an existing client transitioning their disability related supports to the NDIS a maximum of $250 can be claimed.

The Support Catalogue (version 1.3) valid from 1 October 2019 does not list a claimable amount under the establishment fee line item (01_049_0107_1_1). This cost is informed by the policy guidance in the Price Guide and is either $500 for new participants or $250 for existing clients.

Question 3:

What can my organisation do to prepare for the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability?

Answer 3:

There are a number of things your organisation can do right now to prepare for the Royal Commission. These may include establishing a contact person or team to deal with Royal Commission requests, briefing your Board, undertaking a risk assessment, finding and organising documents which may be relevant to the Royal Commission, preparing a communications plan, and developing internal protocols.

For more information, see the NDS Royal Commission Hub. Information Sheet 2 in particular deals with how organisations can prepare.

Question 4:

Are NDIS services GST exempt?

Answer 4:

Most items under the NDIS are GST exempt. GST free NDIS supplies must meet the following criteria:

  • The NDIS participant has a NDIS plan in effect
  • The supply is of reasonable and necessary supports that are specified in the statement of supports in the participant’s NDIS pan
  • There is a written agreement between you and the NDIS participant (or another person), a Service Agreement for example
  • It is a support covered by the Disability Services Minister’s Determination

If GST is applicable to a support, the price limit is inclusive of GST. For example, delivery fees and building materials.

Further information can be found in the NDIS Price Guide and on the Australian Taxation Office website.

Question 5:

Can supervision of staff be claimed from the NDIS?

Answer 5:

No, supervision cannot be claimed from a participant’ plan. It is a cost of running a business and meeting the NDIS Quality Indicators. The way in which a provider decides to cover the cost of any supervision is a business decision.

Thank you for reading the October edition of Top 5.

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