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News update

Do you have SIL vacancies?

NDS is making a submission to the Joint Standing Committee on the NDIS inquiry into Supported Independent Living (SIL).
News update
News update

NDS releases Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Guide and Toolkit in Western Australia

These resources have been developed to assist WA disability service organisations to grow their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce.

NDS disappointed in lack of funding to support Multi-Employer Agreement in Victorian Budget

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NDS was very disappointed to discover that no allocation had been provided in the Victorian 2019-20 Budget for a structural adjustment fund to support transition to a Multi-Employer Agreement (MEA) to which approximately 30 disability service providers are party. NDS understands that there is not expected to be provision within the 2020-21 Budget either.This is despite a concerted effort on the part of NDS, service providers, Jobs Australia and unions - including meeting with local members of Parliament and Ministers to impress upon them the importance of the funds being provided. The MEA was designed to allow a number of service providers to transition from expired Enterprise Bargaining Agreements which were no longer economically viable under NDIS pricing.Jobs Australia has now made contact with all organisations that are party to the agreement to notify them of this news and to seek an indication regarding their continued support of the MEA in the absence of Victorian government funding. A meeting was held this week between employer representatives and unions regarding final outstanding items in the agreement.Given the significant amount of work that has gone into the development of the agreement, and the fact that both employee and employer representatives have arrived at a point of alignment, NDS encourages providers to consider their continued support for the MEA, however we understand that organisations have a range of circumstances to consider and must act in accordance with their organisation's interests.A meeting between NDS, Jobs Australia, unions and Victorian government is forthcoming. NDS will keep members informed as more information comes to hand.

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