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ACT in Focus by Jo Huxley, April 2024

A fresh Disability Strategy and First Action Plan are positive steps for the ACT in this transformational time for providers.
News update
News update

New book tells government how best to support people with developmental disability

The book, in easy-read format from Developmental Disability WA, tells the state and federal governments where more funding should go.

NDS Disability Employment Update: March 2024

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The NDS Employment Team has been busy on various projects, including ongoing advocacy for supported employment and our participation in the DES reform process.

In February, we supported a member-led advocacy visit to Parliament House in Canberra to meet MPs and senior Department of Social Services (DSS) staff. We talked about recent sector developments and promoted supported employment.

The supported employment delegation was positively received. We were reassured by the level of understanding within government on the role and value of supported employment and the jobs the sector provides to those with significant disability. Within government, there was a good grasp of the complex issues arising from the interaction of increased wages and the Disability Support Pension. There was also significant interest in our recent position paper on the future of wages in supported employment and the need for increased social procurement by all levels of government.

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