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News update

Vale Christopher Fox

NDS is sad to learn that Christopher Fox passed away on 11 January.

Modern Award four yearly review – Focus moves to SCHCADS award

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The Fair Work Commission set hearing dates for contested issues in the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services (SCHCADS) Industry Award 2010 on 22 October 2018. This means that, after several years, the remaining matters put forward by employer groups and unions concerning the SCHCADS award will progress and be finalised.

The Commission set a deadline of 18 January 2018 for submissions to be filed in response to employer and union applications. Unions have listed several issues that employer parties will have a view on, and accordingly NDS will be seeking provider evidence regarding these arguments. These include changes to the telephone allowance, broken shifts, overtime and excursions clauses, and a minimum three-hour engagement for all workers. The full list can be read here.

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