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News update

NDS welcomes new accessible changing requirements

NDS welcomes the announcement that, starting in May, the Building Code of Australia will require accessible adult changing facilities in some public buildings.
News update
News update

Hear from the new NDS CEO

Increased funding, less red tape and more job opportunities are some of the issues David Moody, Acting NDS CEO, raises in a new video.

Mental Health Month celebrated in NDP Virtual Conference program

NDP virtual conference event banner reading 'Working with the NDIS'


The disability sector is vibrant and buzzing with change. With that can come higher pressure for staff to perform in the workplace.

In the spirit of Mental Health Month, National Disability Practitioners’ Virtual Conference - to be held on Wednesday, 17 October - will feature presentations to assist the workforce through times of change. The focus will be on preventing burnout and workplace fatigue, as well as celebrating inclusive and safe workplaces and services.

A part of the conference, you can attend online presentations including: ‘The Science of Sustained High Performance: Mental Health’; ‘Outing Disability: An introductory guide for disability services on how to be more LGBTIQ-inclusive’, ‘Successfully Managing Change’; and ‘Building and Valuing a Diverse Workforce’.

Providing new ways to learn is crucial in a sector that is busier than ever. If you are learning-keen but time-poor, the flexible format that virtual conferences offer are extremely valuable.

NDP’s virtual conference is free for all NDP members and boasts 18 presentations, 16 virtual exhibitors, and opportunities to network with your peers. The live conference program will take place on 17 October 2018, with all presentations continuing to be available for 30 days on-demand, with unlimited access for all registrants.

The diverse program includes something for everyone: Quality and Safeguarding updates, NDIS updates from the NDIA, Defensible Documentation, and Building your Support Worker Toolkit.

Reward and inform your staff with this affordable disability conference. An NDP group subscription is available to NDS members for just $20 per person for groups of at least five staff, or $45 per annum for self-subscribing individuals.

Register for the virtual conference and view the full program here.

For more information on the virtual conference or NDP membership, please email .

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Isabelle Vertucci, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Coordinator, 02 9256 3128,