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News update

New COVID-19 health advice for NSW providers

NSW Health is advising disability accommodation and in home support providers to prepare for a requirement that all staff wear masks when delivering services from next week.
News update
News update

Exclusive member offer: Referoo - online reference checks

NDS is excited to announce an exclusive membership offer: Let NDS partner Referoo streamline your recruitment process and reduce costs with online reference checks.

Macro Business: The NDIS has become a bureaucratic mess

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Macro Business has published a piece on one writer’s family experience with the NDIS, and NDS’s campaign to improve the Scheme.

The author recounts their ‘nightmare’ experience trying to navigate the bureaucracy of the NDIS to find appropriate support for their son.

The author highlights an article in the Canberra times which states that the NDIS ‘risks collapse’ due to pricing issues and red tape. It quotes the Canberra Times in highlighting NDS’s campaign to achieve “a new independent pricing body by July 2019, less bureaucratic red tape, more flexibility, better planning, sector safeguard, a focus on employment, and a fit-for-purpose pricing model, especially for people with complex needs and in rural and remote areas…”

The article also mentions findings from NDS’s independent 2018 survey, which found that more than half of Australian disability providers would have to reduce the quality of their services under the current pricing model.

It goes on to quote NDS President Joan McKenna-Kerr, saying: “This is just tragic … the whole point of the scheme was to provide support to people with the greatest need… If we don’t have urgent attention on this we are going to find more and more providers are not going to be able to provide support.”

Read the full article here.