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News update
News update

RC considers secure care houses in WA and NT

Witnesses included departmental representatives and First Nations leaders.
News update
News update

NDS in WA 2020-21 Year in Review

NDS is pleased to release its WA 2020-21 Year in Review highlighting our work to support members, strengthen the sector and deliver better outcomes for people with disability.

KN95 respirator masks should not be used

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DHHS has withdrawn KN95 masks from supply pending results of a quality review to ensure they meet standards for the prevention of COVID-19 cross-infection. KN95 masks are sometimes marketed as equivalent to N95 or FFP2 masks.

Any service providers currently using KN95 respirator masks are advised to remove them from use and organisational supply. Respirator masks identified as meeting P2 or N95 standards comply with the Australian TGA standards. The Victorian state PPE supply chain has sufficient quantity to meet existing needs.

P2/N95 respirator masks are recommended for disability workers when providing ‘hands-on’ direct contact care or support for a client with coronavirus risk factors, including suspected or confirmed COVID-19, being a close contact of a confirmed case, or where there are aerosol-generating procedures or behaviours. Hands-on care or support is defined as within 1.5m of the client for a cumulative 15 minutes or more over a shift. See DHHS advice, dated 4 September.

DHHS has also released documents addressing frequently asked question for disability support workers

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For any enquiries, please contact Sarah Fordyce, Acting State Manager Victoria, 0447 441 505, submit enquiry/feedback