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News update

Vic COVID-19 update: Restrictions easing from Friday

The Victorian Government has announced restrictions will ease in Melbourne and regional Victoria from 11.59pm Thursday, 17 June.
News update
News update

NDIS National Workforce Plan for reducing critical shortage

The NDIS National Workforce Plan: 2021 – 25 has been released. It outlines 16 initiatives aimed at growing a skilled and capable workforce.

'JobKeeper' - huge investment to save jobs

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The Australian Government has announced that $130 billion will be available over the next six months to support businesses to retain jobs or retain connections with their employees so they can be re-employed when conditions improve. Most workers at risk of losing their job (or who have lost it since 1 March) will benefit from a $1500 per fortnight JobKeeper Payment - paid to their employer who will pass it on to the employee. JobKeeper is a flat rate payment for all workers in organisations that meet the eligibility requirements, regardless of their employment status or actual hours of work (employers will top it up for workers who remain employed and who earn more than $1500 per fortnight). Payments will be able to be back paid to today.JobKeeper eligibilityImportantly, JobKeeper Payment will be available to not-for-profit organisations, and will be eligible for New Zealand 444 visa holders.Employers will be eligible for the subsidy if:

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