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News update

Ticket to Work is making news

Ticket to Work, an NDS initiative, is making a difference, as the Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation has noted.

Is your workplace WorkSafe premium classification costing your organisation more than it should?

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With the introduction of the NDIS, the way in which disability support workers operate has been changing.

Many workers are now spending more time supporting participants in their homes. This has led some providers to classify each individual home as a workplace, for WorkSafe premium purposes. WorkSafe Victoria has recently advised that this could be resulting in unnecessary costs on providers, and that in many cases providers should be classifying the office where their work is controlled from - rather than the individual participant homes - as the workplace.

If an employer is not an occupier of the location (meaning the business is not run from that location), WorkSafe determines their workplace to be the place at, or from which, daily employer operations are controlled or managed. This will be a head office, in many cases.

As each situation is considered on a case-by-case basis, providers are encouraged to investigate their own circumstances and contact their WorkSafe agent in the first instance if they require further clarification.

It should be emphasised that client homes are workplaces for the purposes of occupational health and safety purposes.

For more information, please explore the WorkSafe website or contact Henry Newton on his details below.

NDS also hosts monthly OHS Advisory Group meetings in Parkville, which you can attend to keep abreast of issues in this space. Find more information on these meetings here.

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Henry Newton, Project and Policy Officer, 03 8341 4323,