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News update
News update

National Code of Conduct for NT healthcare workers: Give feedback

The NT Government seeks feedback from providers on a public consultation regarding implementation of the National Code of Conduct for healthcare workers.
News update
News update

NDS SA State Committee appoints new members

The NDS South Australia State Committee appointed three new members to the divisional State Committee to fill casual vacancies.

Independent Pricing Review Report to be released in March 2018

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The NDIA has confirmed it intends to release the Independent Pricing Review Report with the Agency's response by mid-March 2018.

McKinsey & Company submitted the Final Report to the NDIA Board at the end of December 2017. The Board will consider the Report at a meeting at the end of January.

In a Media Release dated 30 December 2017, the NDIA has announced that the Report includes 25 formal recommendations.

NDS expects these recommendations to address the NDIA’s pricing strategy and approach, including the path to price deregulation and specific price settings for supports and services. The review also focused on complexity, thin markets, provider efficiencies, and provider returns. There may be significant impacts for all providers operating in the NDIS. 

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