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Sunday Mail Adelaide: Does the NDIA Independent Pricing Review offer enough for service providers?

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Sunday Mail Adelaide published a report on the NDIA’s Independent Pricing Review (released in March 2018), outlining current challenges for providers.

The report highlights key recommendations of the review and speaks to NDS Chief Executive Ken Baker about NDS’s response.

In the report, Ken describes the review as a ‘mixed bag’ and says many of the recommendations need further work.

“It will provide some relief for organisations under financial stress but the recommendations as a whole won’t be sufficient to stimulate the growth of the supply of services needed to meet the demand for services under the NDIS,” Ken said.

Ken expressed concerns that there won’t be enough future services in rural and remote areas or for people with very complex needs.

On prices, he stated: “While there are some price increases, one of the key ones (TSOs) is only temporary and goes for 12 months. (The increase) is a welcome relief but my view is that 12 months isn’t long enough … You wouldn’t make a decision to invest in expanding your services on the basis of a 12-month relief from very inadequate prices.”

Ken said that, while some organisations can operate profitably with the prices as they are, “the majority are not.”

Sunday Mail Adelaide also spoke to a number of service providers in this report. They called for more support during transition, more attention to services in rural areas, the provision of better data on NDIS providers and participants, and boosting hourly rates.

Read the full article here.

You can read more about NDS’s position on the Independent Pricing Review here.