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Guardian: Not the NDIS we fought for - disability advocates fear new assessments driven by cost cutting

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The disability services sector has also rounded on the assessments, with David Moody, the chief executive of National Disability Services, also calling for the reforms to be halted.

Moody said he was not confident the assessments would allow a “complete and accurate understanding of the functional abilities of people with ‘invisible’ or complex disabilities”.

“The real worry for us is that these results cannot be challenged or appealed easily,” he added.

“In fact, people will not be given a copy of the full assessment report unless they apply to see it and the hurdles that presents for a person with disability is unacceptable.”

The NDIS estimates most assessments will last about three hours and applicants would be matched to “a therapist or clinician that has the right skills, experience and training to complete the assessment”.

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