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ABC News: Families feeling let down by the NDIS

The ABC has interviewed families of NDIS participants who say they are being let down in the roll out of the NDIS. The report features NDS ACT State Manager Stephen Fox on the progress of the Scheme in the ACT.

The ABC’s report draws attention to recent submissions to the Inquiry into the implementation, performance and governance of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in the ACT that have expressed concerns about challenges that the Scheme is creating. It tells the stories of several families who are struggling to make do in the transition.

NDS ACT State Manager Stephen Fox said in the report that, despite many people having a good experience with the NDIS trial, some experiences were soured in the full roll out.

During this time, the Scheme looked to take on 430,000 participants in four years, and it was common for consultations to happen on the phone rather than in person. Stephen said that this created confusion among people trying to access the Scheme.

"People found that it was often the case that they didn't really understand fully what was going on," Stephen said.

"Sometimes the phone call would come at a time that wasn't convenient for them, they hadn't prepared properly, they were left with certain kinds of impressions about what had been agreed or discussed, which then weren't reflected in their plans or reviews. They felt very let down by the process,” he said.

Among the concerns identified by families in the report are unexpected funding cuts to plans, long waiting times, and stressful processes.

Read the full article here.