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CEO update
CEO update

CEO Update: NDS launches new report on funding for community-based programs

NDS releases a new research report, report back on our meeting with Minister Shorten, and we seek your input to respond to the Pricing Review.
News update
News update

Disability enterprises encouraged to bid for goods and services for 2026 Commonwealth Games

Local Jobs First policies favour Victorian social enterprises for hundreds of listed goods and services at the games.

Improvements to the NDIS Check application process

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Since the introduction in February of the new Victorian worker screening process, NDS has received substantial member feedback about problems with the online application portal as well as delays in the paper-based backup system for NDIS Check applicants.

In response to NDS's advocacy and feedback from the sector, the Government has committed to improving the system.

While there is still much to do, Services Victoria has made some headway, including:

  • An upgrade to the name matching logic library so documents with discrepancies in the way names appear can be accepted.
  • An enhancement so the system can read names that span more than one line on Medicare Cards
  • A reconfigured algorithm to make accurate extractions when there are multiple family names on documents
  • A logic adjustment so that multiple previous known addresses don’t trip up the system
  • An improved driver’s licence matching process now allowing for more than one first name
Services Victoria advise that a dedicated team is working on improvements to the system.

Paper-based applications

The Department of Justice has also engaged additional resources to work through the backlog of paper-based applications.

If possible, applicants are asked to persevere with the online Services Victoria portal before resorting to a paper-based application so that manual processing backlogs are minimised.

Tips for applying for an NDIS Check

Tips to assist applicants, include:

  • Set aside 30 minutes where you are unlikely to be interrupted, and have access to both a computer and a mobile phone.
  • Have your email address at hand - you will be required to access your email during the screening process.
  • The Check will require you to use your smartphone to take photos of some of your documents. These can be photographed laying down on a plain coloured surface. Any reflection will result in the image not being accepted.
  • The Service Victoria webpage must remain open on your computer during the ID verification process.
  • A passport style photograph is required – if you have a digital passport photo on your phone that can be used, otherwise you can take a photo on your phone.
  • Photos are more successful if taken outside against a white solid background. Some applicants have found that putting a sheet over the washing line works well.
  • Ensure your fingers do not cover any part of the documents being uploaded.
  • Use documents that list your name in exactly the same way.

There have been reported issues when using some smartphones. It is recommended:

  • For Apple devices - use the latest operating system (14.0 and 13.0) and the Safari browser.
  • For Android devices - use version 11 and 10 operating system with the Chrome browser.

NDS is meeting with departmental representatives weekly while improvements to the NDIS Check system are being made.

To raise further concerns, please contact submit enquiry/feedback.

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Simone Beyfus, Policy and Projects Officer, 0472 878 120, submit enquiry/feedback