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News update
News update

DHHS COVID-19 advice for Victorian providers

NDS and DHHS hosted the webinar: Safer and Stronger to update Victorian providers on COVID-19 impacts for the disability sector.
News update
News update

Victorian Disability Rapid Response Group established

The Victorian Disability Rapid Response Group will provide dedicated capability to support outbreak management throughout the course of an outbreak in a disability setting.

Helpdesk Top 5: February 2020

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The past month has been no exception to the increasing volume of NDS Helpdesk tickets the NDS team are responding to. The team have picked their Top 5 for February 2020 to share with you. 

Question 1:
Can the cost of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) food be covered by NDIS funding?

Answer 1: 
Yes. HEN pumps, accessories and associated consumables are claimable through the NDIS. These items are claimed in a package depending on the way in which feeding occurs, via syringe or non-syringe for example. These items are claimed as a yearly rate, they are not price controlled and do not require a quote.

Claimable line items are found in the NDIS Support Catalogue under the 0103 Assistive Products for personal care and safety registration group. Line items include 03_150930078_0103_1_1 and 03_150930079_0103_1_1 

Please see the NDIS Support Catalogue for more details.

Question 2: 
Can a Support Coordinator charge an NDIS plan when they are subpoenaed to appear in court? 

Answer 2: 
All claims made by a provider must be discussed and agreed to by the participant, as the participant has ultimate control over the budget. 

Where the participant (or their legal representative) has requested that a Support Coordinator provide a report or appear in court, it would be reasonable to claim this from the participant plan at an amount that was agreed by the participant.

Where the Support Coordinator has been subpoenaed by the court or Child Protection to attend, a provider would only be able to claim from the participant's plan if the participant agreed to this. Any arrangements should be documented. Should the participant not agree then a provider would not be able to claim.

Question 3:
How much can we charge against the establishment fee line item? 

Answer 3:
An establishment fee for personal care/community access can only be charged to the price limits set out in the 2019 -20 NDIS Price Guide. It is only available on a participant's first NDIS plan.

A budget of $750 is included in the first plan for NDIS participants to cover non-ongoing costs for providers establishing arrangements and assisting participants in implementing their plan. 

It can be used as follows:

  • If the participant is new to the NDIS and new to the provider, then the provider can charge maximum of $500 against the participant’s plan;
  • If the participant is new to the NDIS but is an existing client of the provider, then the provider can charge a maximum of $250 against the participant’s plan; and
  • If the participant is choosing to change providers, then the new provider can charge a maximum of $250 against the participant’s plan to assist the participant in changing providers.
  • This information is repeated in the 2019 -20 NDIS Annual Price Review where feedback on the current price control arrangements for establishment fees is being sought. 

Question 4: 
Support Coordination: Are there mandatory reports for two-year plans? 

Answer 4:
Currently there are no minimum reporting requirements mandated for Support Coordinators. When the request for service is generated, the planner should stipulate when reports are required. 

At a minimum, it is an expected that a Support Coordinator would compile and submit a report to inform a scheduled review at least 6-8 weeks before the plan end date. 

Question 5: 
Can a family member be a Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) provider? 

Answer 5:
Although a family member can register to be a provider of SDA, the NDIA rules prevent parents from living in the dwelling. It is a general requirement for SDA to be funded that the parent or parents of an SDA participant do not reside in the dwelling.

SDA rules, see Division 1 part 6.1 (c) 

We hope that you found this month's Helpdesk top 5 informative. Got a question on your mind? NDS members can ask the NDS Helpdesk and receive a quick and accurate response. 

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