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News update
News update

Australian Department of Health – vaccine rollout

The Commonwealth Department of Health has issued a COVID-19 vaccination – Disability Provider Alert with an update on how disability support workers can access the vaccine.
News update
News update

Victorian NDIS Checks: update and seeking further feedback

NDIS Checks are continuing to be problematic. NDS can help to escalate urgent applications while the Victorian Government continues to work through the technical issues with the online system.

Government confirms NDIS commitment – Now let’s make sure the scheme works

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Tonight’s Federal Budget sees the Turnbull Government confirm its commitment to the National Disability Insurance Scheme with $43 billion funding secured over the forward estimates period.

Dr Ken Baker, Chief Executive of National Disability Services, said: “The disability community was taken aback two weeks ago when the Treasurer announced the decision to scrap the proposed increase to the Medicare levy to fully fund the NDIS. Our message to the government was clear: tell us your alternative plan to ensure the NDIS’s funding into the future is beyond doubt.

“In tonight’s budget the government has been true to its word in finding another way to fund the NDIS. This scheme is too important to hundreds of thousands of Australians not to be fully funded – and it’s clear the government agrees.

“Without a hypothecated funding source for the NDIS in the form of the Medicare Levy, we need all sides of politics to have a plan for how the scheme will be funded over the long-term.”

“Any future Treasurer should be clear that the NDIS is not a political football. It is a source of security for people with disability and their families who have enough uncertainty in their lives. Long-term certainty for the NDIS is imperative.”

Dr Baker said the Government must now turn its attention to fixing implementation problems with the scheme, including improving the quality of NDIS plans and processes and ensuring that the disability service sector is sustainable and is able to invest in growth to meet the need for services.

“The Budget’s announcement of $64 million over three years to establish an NDIS Jobs and Market Fund is welcome and will assist the sector. However, disability service organisations will not invest in growth unless they are confident that the fundamentals of the scheme are working well – including that NDIS pricing is right – and that is not the case at present,” said Dr Baker.

Dr Baker continued: “Now is the time for the government to focus on delivering the great promise of the NDIS.”

An evaluation of the NDIS released last week found that while many people with disability had benefited from the NDIS, too many Australians with disability feel worse off.

Dr Ken Baker said: “It is very concerning that some people with disability feel worse off as a result of the NDIS. The NDIS is founded on great principles, but translating those principles into practice has proved challenging. Too many people who are in the NDIS find the system confusing, there is too much paperwork, and many not-for-profit disability organisations are struggling to provide NDIS services and remain financially viable.

“None of these problems is unsolvable. The NDIS has the potential to be a world-leading system. The disability sector is ready to work with government to get it right.”
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