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News update
News update

Exciting developments for Workforce Wizard

To streamline collection and reduce response burden for providers, data collection for the Annual Market Survey and Workforce Wizard will be combined this year.
News update
News update

Restrictive Practice Authorisation process consultation now open

The NSW Government is seeking feedback into the future model of Restrictive Practice Authorisation in NSW. Consultations will close on 30 August 2019.

Federal election called for 18 May: NDS campaign letter and resources available

Deliver the Promise banner with text reading 'Get the NDIS on Track' and a blue tick


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has now called the Federal election for 18 May.

NDS’s Deliver the Promise election campaign, to get the NDIS on track, is now in full swing, and includes a National Day of Action on Friday, 3 May.

As part of the campaign, we published a letter to members and a five-priority election platform. Read those in one document here: PDF | Word

Our five priorities for this campaign are:

1. We need a new independent pricing body set up by July this year.

Prices set by the NDIS don’t cover the cost of delivering services, particularly for people with complex disability needs and those in regional areas. The NDIA is focused on meeting internal savings targets. We need NDIA pricing to be set by an independent body by July this year.

2. The focus on the NDIS needs to be on people, not internal government processes.

The way the NDIS is administered is driving people with disability, their families and carers to despair, and providers to the financial wall. We’re calling for the government to urgently fix the way the NDIA communicates with participants and providers.

3. We need to overhaul the way NDIS plans are developed.

NDIS plans are at the heart of the NDIS. But the NDIA changes the rules frequently; and it changes between planners, local offices, regions and states. Planners are giving people the wrong information. People with disability are getting the wrong plans because they’re not allowed to see them first. People with disability have to review their plans over and over again unnecessarily. We need more consistency, transparency and flexibility in the way plans are being developed.

4. We need proper safeguards from the risk of market failure in the sector.

Providers are already having to restrict services, even though demand is growing. Thin markets are a particular problem for people with complex needs and in rural and regional communities. Our members are constantly telling us that they just don’t have the market data to plan properly and there are no mechanisms in place to step in when emergencies happen.

5. We need a greater focus on employment and workforce development.

We need NDIS plans that support employment for participants, because having a job means having access to social and economic participation in our community for people with disability.

We also need a national workforce strategy that has been agreed with disability service providers; one that ensures the sector can deliver high-quality services for people with disability in every corner of Australia.


To find more information on our campaign, visit the Deliver the Promise campaign website or refer to our Messaging Guide for a summary of the campaign and how to support it: PDF | Word

We encourage all NDS members and your communities to use these materials and to contact your local members of parliament and candidates in this federal election - including the key messages - to make sure the NDIS gets on track and people with disability get the best support, from a sustainable and healthy disability sector.

We are also supporting our partners, the Every Australian Counts (EAC) Make it Work campaign, who are organising a number of capital city events on the National Day of Action, on Friday 3 May. Register for these events here.

You can also share any event or meeting you hold, or the campaign generally, on social media. Make a post or use our template: "<Your organisation> is a proud member of NDS and a supporter of the NDS Federal Election Campaign, 'Deliver the Promise'. Before it’s too late, we are asking governments to get the NDIS on track as we work towards a brighter future for hundreds of thousands of Australians with disability! Check out the NDS campaign at:"

Contact information
Tony Pooley, Acting State Manager VIC, 02 9256 3119,