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News update
News update

New COVID-19 health advice for NSW providers

NSW Health is advising disability accommodation and in home support providers to prepare for a requirement that all staff wear masks when delivering services from next week.
News update
News update

Exclusive member offer: Referoo - online reference checks

NDS is excited to announce an exclusive membership offer: Let NDS partner Referoo streamline your recruitment process and reduce costs with online reference checks.

Exploring the challenges of transitioning day services to the NDIS

People smiling and drying up washing together


NDS has recognised for some time that organisations that operate a traditional day service model face particular challenges during transition to the NDIS.

Over recent months, NDS Project Officer Liz Collier has undertaken a project to tease out the issues facing day service providers so as to better inform future NDS transition work - including advocacy, resource development and planning.

As part of this, Liz has had conversations with providers in Barwon, NEMA and other regions to help understand the challenges and opportunities they are experiencing.

This consultation with providers has identified the need for:

  • Continued advocacy on pricing and planning
  • Continued engagement on industrial relations issues
  • Opportunities for providers to share their experiences from the Barwon and NEMA regions
  • Recognition of the effect on organisational and staff morale and the need for effective change management strategies including reimagined roles
  • Direction and support for innovation, service development and enhancement
  • Need for continued focus on large scale transformation

NDS will consider the following in planning for 2017:

  • Scenario planning: Costing and Pricing under a contemporary model
  • Workshops and training to address change management (e.g. The Change Room, a program developed in NSW for NDS)
  • Sessions on outcome reporting for NDIS
  • Breakfast forum and specialist consultancy for organisations to address challenges related to bricks and mortar
  • Opportunities to share innovative practice

NDS is also committed to continuing to work in partnership with Jobs Australia in development of a multi-employer industrial agreement.

We would like to thank everyone who has participated in the consultation process.

Members who are interested in contributing to this work are invited to register for the NDIS and Sector Reform Members’ Meetings, which are held quarterly.

Contact information
Sarah Fordyce, Policy Manager, 03 8341 4303,