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Victoria in Focus by Sarah Fordyce, June 2023

The Victorian budget, new Social Services Regulations RIS, Workcover premium rises, and group pricing changes kept us busy this past month.
News update
News update

Latest version of CHAP released and other health information

In health news, the 2023 version of CHAP, COVID-19 and flu risk rises, oral health priorities and a workshop on hospital visits.

Exemptions for Victorian accredited bus number plates announced

Close up of a back rest on a public transport bus with an illustration of a person using a walking stick


Under the new Victorian bus accreditation scheme announced last year, operators of buses for people requiring ‘special care or support due to age or disability’ were required to install accredited bus number plates by 1 March 2023.  

NDS advocated strongly for an exemption for disability services, arguing that the administrative burden and costs of compliance would significantly outweigh any benefits for passengers.  

In response, Safe Transport Victoria released a Number Plate Guide that outlines the exemptions.   

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