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News update
News update

AEC releases voting information for people with disability

The Australian Electoral Commission has developed resources to support people with disability through the electoral process for the Federal election.
News update
News update

Workforce Wizard data developments are underway at NDS

As part of the NDS Data Strategy, we are excited to announce data developments that are ongoing at NDS.

Drought Fund announcement raises questions about NDIS funding

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The Federal Government’s announcement last Friday that it would transfer $3.9B from the Building Australia Fund to help establish a $5B drought fund has set hares running in the disability community. Questions are being asked about whether this will short-change the NDIS.

The reason these questions are being asked is that, at one stage, the Government did plan to use money from the Building Australia Fund to help fund its share of the NDIS. However, that was two funding plans ago, and money from the Building Australia Fund is no longer required for the NDIS. The questions are understandable, but the anxiety is unwarranted.

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