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News update
News update

Vic COVID-19 update: PCR testing and rapid antigen test supplies

Disability workers Priority 1 for rapid antigen and PCR testing, and email addresses for RAT supply requests.
News update
News update

Victorian worker screening update

Victorian transitional period for NDIS checks will end on 31 January.

Disability Workforce Report introduces state analysis

Puzzle pieces with text reading 'Australian Disability Workforce Report Third Edition - July 2018'


The third edition of the Australian Disability Workforce Report (PDF | Word) examines whether the workforce trends analysed in February’s report are continuing, stalling or reversing. New features include state-level analysis and two ‘spotlight topics’ - qualifications of new staff and recruitment difficulty. 

The report is informed by data from 45,000 workers around Australia, collected over 11 quarters from service providers through Workforce Wizard. 

The report indicates:

  • rapid net employment growth (13.8 per cent) in the last financial year, over five times greater than the workforce as a whole and mainly concentrated in casual employment;
  • employment policies diverging between larger and smaller organisations; and
  • some gains, possibly related to the more buoyant labour market, in permanent employment and average working hours. Among allied health workers, the long-term downward trend in working hours reversed for the first time in a year. 

Just one in five new recruits in the December 2017 quarter had a disability-related qualification (Certificate III and above). 

Workforce Wizard is gaining recognition as Australia's best source of disability workforce data, and providers are committing to it in larger numbers. If your organisation hasn’t signed up, consider:

  • the value of regular benchmark reports, provided free-of-charge; and
  • your contribution to strong evidence base NDS and providers can use for workforce planning and advocacy.

Data entry for the current period closes on 27 July 2018. Register today!

Find more on the disability workforce on NDS’s Workforce Hub.

Publication: Australian Disability Workforce Report third edition - July 2018

Australian Disability Workforce Report third edition - July 2018

Download publication (PDF 309.0KB) Download accessible publication (Word 659.4KB)
Contact information
Caroline Alcorso, National Manager (Workforce Development), 02 9256 3180, submit enquiry/feedback