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News update

The NDIS Commission seeks feedback on the Workforce Capability Framework

An independent survey from KPMG is open until 24 July to evaluate the effectiveness and use of the framework.
News update
News update

NDS joins calls for accessible housing standards in NSW and WA

State governments’ failure to sign up to basic design standards for new homes discriminates against people with disability.

Disability misses out on funding in NSW budget

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What you need to know 

The NSW 2023-24 State Budget, announced on Tuesday 19 September, does not contain any new funding for the disability sector. The first budget of the Minns Labor Government stated its priorities as addressing economic challenges and investment in housing and essential services. 

About 1.46 million people in NSW live with disability. Out of a population of 8.1 million that equates to 18 per cent. But only around 183,000 of them participate in the NDIS. While NDS welcomes NSW’s contribution to the NDIS ($3.9 billion for 2023–24), we note there are about 1.2 million people with disability in NSW who do not have access to the NDIS. There is significant need for further funding for state-based disability initiatives, especially tier two and foundation supports. 

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