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News update

Disability Employment News

The latest in disability employment policy, including updates on supported employment modelling, a good practice guide on SWS, and new DES quality guidelines.
News update
News update

NDS policy roundup: February 2024

In recent sector policy issues, we look at our work since the NDIS Review Report, our recent submissions, and the latest legislation that affects providers.

DFFH collaboration agreements with Victorian SIL providers

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The Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH), in its role as an SDA provider, is currently negotiating collaboration agreements with SIL providers.

Many providers have not yet signed an agreement due to widespread concerns about certain aspects. In light of this, NDS requested DFFH extend the deadline for providers to enter the agreements. DFFH has responded, writing:

“The Department is committed to working with SIL providers and will review and respond to each identified issue and concern, including any additional items raised in the NDS Workshop. NDS expects to provide collated feedback to DFFH on Tuesday, 18 May, and DFFH expects to be able to respond by Wednesday 26 May. This means that the close date of the collaboration agreement will be reviewed accordingly”

Over 50 providers attended an NDS meeting earlier this week on the collaboration agreements. A number of issues were raised.

General Concerns

  • Implications of the Government’s preference to only allow NDIS participants with SDA in their plans to live in Government-owned SDA properties.
  • The DFFH collaboration agreement approach may involve the blurring of SDA and SIL responsibilities.
  • Some providers have been receiving amendments to clauses while others are not.

Clauses of Concern

  • 4.6 - Bushfire Survival Plan
  • 4.8 - Work Health and Safety
  • 4.9 - Notice to Vacate
  • 6.2(2) - Alterations and Make Good
  • 7.1 - 7.3 – Termination
  • Schedule 4 – Costs – Specialist Disability Accommodation Functions
  • Slide 11 - SIL Presentation: RTA Implementation Collaboration Agreement (SIL Providers)

NDS is seeking further input from providers. Please submit any feedback or issues relating to the collaboration agreement by submit enquiry/feedback, before 5.00pm on Monday, 17 May 2021. Please indicate which clauses are of concern in your comments.

New Consumer Affairs Victoria Resources

Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) has recently published a collection of new residency agreements, forms and useful resources for SDA providers on the Resources for SDA providers - Consumer Affairs Victoria website, including an informative poster on the SDA Residency Agreement [PDF].

NDS is also aware that providers are eager to access these in accessible formats.

DFFH has advised they are developing an SDA residency pack which includes easy English and easy read versions of rental and service agreements that they aim to release in the new financial year.

In the meantime, providers can contact CAV on 1300 40 43 19 for other accessible versions.

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Sarah Fordyce, State Manager Victoria, 03 8341 4303, submit enquiry/feedback