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News update
News update

AEC releases voting information for people with disability

The Australian Electoral Commission has developed resources to support people with disability through the electoral process for the Federal election.
News update
News update

Workforce Wizard data developments are underway at NDS

As part of the NDS Data Strategy, we are excited to announce data developments that are ongoing at NDS.

Community Services Quality Governance Framework released

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The DHHS Community Services Quality and Safety Office recently released the Community Services Quality Governance Framework. This Framework has been developed by the Office with input from various community service organisations, service users, peak bodies, commissioners and the department. The objective of the Framework is to ensure that community services are safe, effective, connected and person-centred for everybody, every time. It outlines the principles, domains, roles and responsibilities of quality governance and includes measures of success, and indicators of poor quality governance. It is designed for use across all services delivered, funded and regulated by the Department of Health and Human Services including Child Protection, Child and Family Services, Disability Services, Housing and Homelessness Services, Family Violence Services and Community Based Health Services. Service providers should note that the Framework is not a set of standards, nor is it accreditation. It is a tool designed for organisations to use to make sure they have the good systems in place to drive continuous quality improvement. It has been designed to align with and complement quality and safety accreditation or framework that organisations already have in place, and provide a framework for moving beyond accreditation and compliance to ensuring this is embedded in continuous quality improvement practices.The Office has advised there is no intention to increase the compliance burden for disability service providers and that the framework has been designed to align and complement requirements under the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework, which is due to be implemented in Victoria from 1 July 2019.The Office has also advised that it will focus on building the capacity of the community services system to embed quality governance. The framework will be implemented across the service system in an iterative and supported manner, with all in scope organisations, ensuring that a quality governance approach is in place. While there are no current accountability requirements, NDS has been advised that some will be developed following further consultation. Consistent with our overarching positon on red tape and regulatory burden, NDS is advocating that no new or additional accountability requirements in relation to quality and safeguarding are placed on Victorian disability service providers as we move to compliance under the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission from 1 July 2019.The Framework is intended to be a complementary tool for continuous practice improvement, particularly given that people with disability often access other department-delivered community services. The conversation and governance frameworks relating to quality and safeguarding across all community services need to be about more than just compliance. Continuous improvement, striving for positive practice and fostering healthy organisational cultures is where the focus should be, with the people we support at the heart of all conversations.It is imperative that the experiences and perspectives of people with disability and those who use community services are proactively sought out and listened to. Supporting and empowering people to be actively involved in conversations about the quality of services being provided is fundamental to the provision of safe and high-quality services.National Disability Services’ Zero Tolerance initiative aligns with the Framework and encourages continued conversations to support positive organisational cultures.For more information on the Community Services Quality and Safety Office or the Community Services Quality Governance Framework, members should contact or 9096 0464.

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