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News update

Vale Christopher Fox

NDS is sad to learn that Christopher Fox passed away on 11 January.

Communities of Practice highlight: Finance

person using a calculator on desk


A recent Finance Community of Practice meeting covered topics such as the Long Service Benefits Portability Bill, the recently-released Independent Pricing Review and organisational corporate overheads.

NDS runs a series of professional Communities of Practice (CoPs), each of which is centred on an individual topic area and all of which are designed to facilitate discussion on issues disability service organisations are facing, as well the solutions they’ve developed to overcome them. The meetings also serve as an opportunity to network and to understand where other organisations are placed.

At the most recent Finance CoP meeting, attendees considered the impacts of the Long Service Benefits Portability Bill, including how the expected 1.5 per cent levy on employee wages will affect their organisations’ financial viability.

Also considered was the topic of corporate overheads, with many attendees noting variation between organisations, not only in the percentage figure organisations were attempting to reach, but also which costs were categorised as corporate overheads.

An update was provided on the recently released Independent Pricing Review and its recommendations, all of which have been accepted in principle by the NDIA.

NDS invites providers to join a CoP and contribute to the conversation. The next Finance CoP meeting will be on Thursday 28 June 2018, 10.00-11.30am.

Other upcoming CoP meetings:

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Henry Newton, Project and Policy Officer, 03 8341 4323,