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News update
News update

Collaboration Working Group requesting case studies

The Collaboration Working Group is seeking examples of collaboration in the community sector, government and inter-sectorial projects.
News update
News update

Ministerial expert panel established on voluntary assisted dying

The Minister for Health has entrusted an expert panel to develop the policy position that will inform legislation on voluntary assisted dying in WA.

Clarifying the internal review process

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In response to recommendations from the Commonwealth Ombudsman, the NDIA have removed the nuanced and jargonistic language in its recent release of the Review of Decisions Operational Guideline update. The update clarifies the internal review process generally and makes clear the pathway for an NDIS participant to approach the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

Changes to the language used in the Operational Guidelines make the process used by the NDIA to handle the internal review of decisions clearer:

  • The first of the changes clearly outlines that participants and others can approach the Administrative Appeals Tribunal if they don't agree with the outcome of an internal review conducted by the NDIA (Operational Guidelines paragraph 6).
  • The second change makes it clear that the NDIA will undertake a priority internal review if a participant's circumstances require it (Operational Guidelines paragraph 5.7.1)

NDS welcomes this clear explanation of the internal review process as it has been a common point of confusion for providers across the sector.

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Administrative Appeals Tribunal

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