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News update
News update

Pro Bono Salary Survey 2018 available to NDS members for half price

The 2018 Pro Bono Salary Survey is the largest dataset of its kind, tailored to the not-for-profit sector. NDS members can access the survey for half price.
News update
News update

Access Changing Places public facilities with Companion Card

NDS has launched a free offer of Master Locksmiths Association Keys to all WA Companion Card holders to unlock a national network of toilet facilities.

Clarification of SDA and SIL policies

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Information has been circulating in the sector recently regarding Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) and Supported Independent Living (SIL), specifically concerning updates to the SDA Terms of Business, Price Guide and Guide to Suitability.

In response to several enquiries received from members, NDS wishes to clarify which agreements need to be in place when providing SDA and SIL. Providers need to meet both NDIA requirements and Victorian quality and safeguarding requirements, including those specified under the Disability Act 2006.

If delivering SDA, providers need to meet the NDIA’s SDA requirements and have a separate Service Agreement with each participant in place.

When delivering SIL, providers need to ensure that they meet the Victorian quality and safeguarding requirements, have a ‘residential statement’ in place with each resident as specified under the Disability Act 2006, and that the property meets the Victorian fire safety and building code requirements for disability accommodation, regardless of its ownership. They also need to have a separate service agreement with each resident as specified by the NDIA.

For further support and technical information about any NDIS rules and terms of business, please contact Pascale Dreyer, NDIS Transition Advisor Victoria, at or on 03 8341 4320.

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Pascale Dreyer, NDIS Transition Advisor,