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News update

New crisis communications advice line for members

NDS is pleased to announce a new crisis communications advice line to support members with COVID-19 or Disability Royal Commission communications support
News update
News update

Disability Worker Regulation Scheme commenced and Commissioner appointed

In Victoria, key elements of the Disability Worker Regulation Scheme have commenced and a new Commissioner has been appointed

Helpdesk Top 5: January 2019

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Happy New Year to all our readers and NDS Helpdesk users.

We would like to remind you that the Helpdesk is a valuable resource and is free for all Victorian providers - but only until June 2019. Make the most of this resource by asking all your NDIS-related questions or searching our Knowledge Hub to increase your practical working knowledge of the NDIS.

Quality and safeguarding questions have been popular over the last two months, with Victorian providers preparing to transition to the NDIS framework in July 2019. NDS have recently produced a member webinar and webcasts on the new Quality and Safeguarding framework and NDIS Commission, which are available on our website for all NDS members.

Here are the Top 5 Helpdesk Questions for January 2019:

Question 1: 

How do I start a new application to register as a NDIS provider?

Answer 1:

Start by visiting the NDIS Commission website. Once you are on the website, click on the ‘NDIS Providers’ tab, and then select the ‘Provider Registration’ drop down option. 

Read the full answer on the Knowledge Hub.

Question 2:

How do I renew my registration as an NDIS provider? What do I do if I have started a new NDIS registration application in error?

Answer 2:

If you are an existing provider, you can begin your renewal by visiting the NDIS Commission website and logging into the provider portal. The portal button can be found on the top right had side of the screen on the homepage, just above the NDIS Commission contact number. After clicking on the portal, a landing page can be found with options for log-in. 

You will require a PRODA account to access the portal and to be listed as an authorised user on your organisations profile. If you do not have a PRODA account, a quick reference guide (QRG) can be found in the ‘related links’ section on the right hand side of the same page. This QRG explains the steps required to create a PRODA account. 

Read the full answer on the Knowledge Hub.

Question 3:

How do I add registration groups to my registration prior to my renewal date?

Answer 3:

Existing registered providers may apply for a variation of their registration by submitting a ‘Request for variation of registration’ application to the NDIS Commission via the registration inbox at

Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Providers should consider their application carefully as the addition of more complex registration groups may require those groups to be audited against the NDIS Practice Standards.

Question 4:

We are a provider offering camps and retreat programs. We are considering charging for two line items under short term accommodation (STA) and Improved Daily Living, as multidisciplinary therapy supports are delivered as part of the programs. 

Is it possible to charge these two support categories concurrently? Are there any pathways for providers to check their billings for programs to ensure they comply?

Answer 4:

In most cases it would not be appropriate for a provider to claim for two NDIS supports concurrently. If, for example, a participant is in short term accommodation (STA) for three nights and attends a day service program during the day, it would be appropriate for the provider and participant to negotiate a lower rate for STA, as the prices are based on a 24-hour period of support (and the participant is absent during the day).

Read the full answer on the Knowledge Hub.

Question 5:

Can participants use funding from consumables or core to pay for insurance for expensive assistive technology items such as a motorised wheelchair?

Answer 5:

The NDIA and other equipment schemes funded by state or territory governments do not generally provide insurance for large equipment purchases. The Independent Living Centre in Victoria have advised:

- Consumers need to shop around for the best policy/price
- Whether the equipment is owned or hired/loaned, they should specify the equipment on their policy
- They may get a letter from the therapist/supplier to confirm the equipment specifications and value, and provide this to the insurer. 

The NDIA will generally fund repairs and maintenance and the potential cost of these need to be considered at the planning stage so they can be included in the participant’s plan.

Read the full answer on the Knowledge Hub.

We hope that you found the Top 5 informative. You can access the Helpdesk with the email and password you use to login to the NDS website. If you don’t have an existing login, require support, or want to provide feedback, please contact us at .

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