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News update
News update

NDIA National Provider Forums

The NDIA has organised a series of Provider Forums around Australia.
News update
News update

National Disability Employment Strategy Consultation Paper released

DSS has released a consultation paper on the Federal Government's National Disability Employment Strategy which will complement the new National Disability Strategy.

Fiona's Focus: Workforce

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The NDIS started in Victoria in the Barwon trial in 2013 and then in July 2016 the transition of participants into the NDIS commenced in North Eastern Metropolitan Area. The past seven years has been one of rapid change and adjustment for the whole sector affecting everyone from people with disability, their families and friends, workers, providers, advocates, State and Federal Governments through to the wider Australian community. In Victoria we are through transition period however, the sector is still exploring what business as usual operations look like in the NDIA. This is due multiple factors including the longer time taken than initially predicted to bring participants in the Scheme, the changing billing rules and policy settings that have seen many fundamental changes with each release of the annual price guide. Additionally there are currently new challenges in play as the sector is adapting to the uncertainties that the health crisis caused by COVID-19 disease has brought.

This edition of the NDIS News has a focus on Workforce, which is an extremely important factor in being able to respond to support provision required to enable people with disability to meet goals in their NDIS plan. The importance of having an adaptable and resourceful workforce has further been highlighted as ways that people are supported and services delivered has changed to meet changed demands and restrictions in place to respond to COVID-19.

Anthea Gellie interviewed two providers who have adapted their supports over the last 5 months to support people with psychosocial disability during COVID-19. The service providers not only reflected on how they supported participants and their staff but on what they learned. These providers made further changes, whilst evaluating what they will continue do into the future.

In this edition, we also launch a new interactive PDF that focuses on linking you to efficiently and effectively with the myriad of Workforce Resources developed by NDS. The iPDF groups resources into 8 topics areas and has multiples resources available under each of these topics. I hope you find it useful.

Lastly, I would like to wish the sector well as this is my last Fiona’s Focus, as I am leaving National Disability Services at the end of June. It has been my privilege over the past 3½years working to support the sector as it transitioned into operating in the NDIS environment. The promise of the Scheme is still being realised and I hope that people with disability and the provider that support them succeed in finding innovation ways to build people’s capacity and improve independence and quality of life. NDS will continue to work to support the sector and Sarah Fordyce will be stepping into the State Manager role. Sarah can be contacted at . Thank you for your support and best wishes for the future.

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Sarah Fordyce, Acting State Manager VIC, 03 8341 4312,