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News update

NDS welcomes new accessible changing requirements

NDS welcomes the announcement that, starting in May, the Building Code of Australia will require accessible adult changing facilities in some public buildings.
News update
News update

Hear from the new NDS CEO

Increased funding, less red tape and more job opportunities are some of the issues David Moody, Acting NDS CEO, raises in a new video.

Applications invited for Try, Test and Learn Fund

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The Try, Test and Learn Fund is an initiative of the 2016 Federal Budget intended to reduce fiscal pressure over the long-term by assisting people at risk of long-term welfare dependence into work. The Fund will finance small-scale trials of new or innovative approaches. The second round of the Fund identifies four priority groups. The Department of Social Services will also consider applications focused on other (or overlapping) groups, such as people with disability. NDS members are encouraged to consider applying, given the current low rates of workforce participation and employment of people with disability nationally. The four priority groups are:

Small-scale trials identified by applicants should provide supports to enhance the capacity to work and workforce participation of people at risk of long-term welfare dependence. The grants will fund the development and delivery of projects across Australia. Funded trials must generate useful evidence to inform future government policy, including the production of measurable outcomes within two years. Projects will be evaluated to produce policy evidence identifying best practice. The evidence gathered will inform future government investment in new or existing programs.Information sessions on the Try, Test and Learn grant round will be held in capital cities and regional centres. Dates and locations are published on GrantConnect and the Community Grants Hub website. The sessions will outline the process and priority groups, and include time for questions and answers. Additional information about the grants can be found on the Community Grants Hub.

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