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News update

Independent Assessment Toolkit report released

The NDIA has released the Independent Assessment Toolkit detailing the selection of standardised assessment tools for undertaking NDIS Independent Assessments.
News update
News update

RC hearing looks at the education system and school autonomy

Themes included system navigation and schools' obligations.

ABC The World Today: Ombudsman report stresses crucial changes for NDIS

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An ABC radio report outlines the Commonwealth Ombudsman report released today, with 23 recommendations for action to improve NDIS processes as thousands of NDIS participants wait to have their support plans reviewed. NDS Chief Executive Ken Baker features in the report.

The ABC report highlights the key concerns of the Ombudsman report, including long wait times and poor communication.

The report states that the NDIA has accepted the Ombudsman’s changes and is now looking at ways to implement them. It says that, as the NDIS continues to roll out, the volume of plan reviews is expected to increase.

NDS Chief Executive Ken Baker disagrees with the NDIA on this in the ABC report. He says there’s no reason for the number of reviews to rise – rather, we need to ensure that plans are sufficient in the first place to avoid the need for review.

“Getting them to agree to the plan before it is finalised makes a lot of sense,” Ken says, “but… in addition to that, I think planners themselves need to have more experience. We’ve found that the experience and the skills of planners are inconsistent.”

The ABC also spoke to Ross Joyce, CEO of the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations for the report.

Find the full ABC report here.

Find NDS’s article on the review backlog here.