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ABC report: NDIS workforce understaffed in major cities

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ABC's AM program has reported on Productivity Commission findings that parts of Australia's biggest cities could struggle to attract enough disability workers for the NDIS.

The report, which featured NDS Chief Executive Ken Baker, stated the familiar figure that workforce is set to double by 2020 to around 150,000 people, and that service providers have seen demand climb during recent weeks.

The Productivity Commission has identified south-west Sydney, southern Melbourne and Logan in Brisbane as areas that currently have less than 40 per cent of the workforce it is expected they will need.

"Even at this stage, where the demand is not so acute, many disability service providers are having difficulty recruiting staff," Ken Baker said in the report.

Ken also said that this is an experience that's unevenly distributed, but that in some areas is "quite severe," and that more money and greater efforts will be needed to recruit staff in these areas.

"There needs to be a very focused attention to ensure we have the right national workforce strategy to ensure that doesn't become a chronic problem in delivering the NDIS," he said.

Sydney-based provider and NDS member organisation Achieve Australia was also featured in the report.

Achieve Australia Chief Executive Anne Bryce said that Achieve has recently seen "a big spike in new referrals and people coming through" and that Achieve "realised quite quickly that we'd need to think about hiring initially 40 to 50 staff... And then subsequently we'll need to hire another 50 to 70 staff, so it's about 25 per cent growth pretty much overnight."

Find the full written report here.