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Direct Support Skills Development

Understanding Abuse

Understanding abuse is about recognising abuse as a violation of a person's human rights. A focus on what makes life good for each person is the best way to enable rights and minimise risk of abuse....

Recognising Restrictive Practices - Zero Tolerance Program

The risk of abuse for some people with disability can increase depending on a range of personal and service type factors. Understanding the increased risk associated with specific services and settings...

Positive Behaviour Support Readiness: Organisational Self-Assessment

This event is available only for WA organisations | NDS is delivering an interactive half-day workshop on Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Organisational Readiness as part of the Quality and Safeguarding...

Defensible Documentation for Disability Support Staff

Learn the leading method to document progress notes professionally, legally and competently.

Sustainable Service under the NDIS

This 30-minute module provides insights into the commercial NDIS environment and how to make commercially sound decisions while providing high-quality support to clients.